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568509 Central American person sharing the limelight on 1 May (5,5) COSTARICAN   1a   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568510 Questions all but the first of assignments (4) ASKS   6a   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568511 Warned of related crackpot (7) ALERTED   10a   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568512 Boss a German around (7) MANAGER   11a   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568513 Hot baseball team from the east takes on California's ultimate club (6) STEAMY   12a   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568514 Hard to understand some caustic ire to senator's backpedaling (8) ESOTERIC   13a   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568515 Customs seizing small amount of cocaine after prisoner's incongruous statements (14) CONTRADICTIONS   15a   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568516 Blends dynamite bombs while in a faraway place? (6-8) ABSENTMINDEDLY   19a   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568517 Imposing stick carries measure of electricity (8) CLAMPING   21a   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568518 Does a cryptic after drinking a bit of sweet port on the Black Sea (6) ODESSA   23a   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568519 Newton committed to figure out research (3,4) DIGINTO   26a   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568520 Ridicules unnecessary bobtail (7) NEEDLES   27a   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568521 Listener's manner of moving way in (4) GATE   28a   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568522 Help fool with source of inferior posture (10) ASSISTANCE   29a   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568523 Vulgar subject overheard (6) COARSE   1d   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568524 It strains Eve to support one's flip-flopping (5) SIEVE   2d   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568525 Android's gold love-apple close to Krypton (9) AUTOMATON   3d   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568526 Pair of dynamos trailing in auto race (4) INDY   4d   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568527 Acknowledgements of commercial responsibilities (10) ADMISSIONS   5d   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568528 Wise bird is after Sunday clothes for part of a service (5,4) SUGARBOWL   7d   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568529 New York City's bizarre curse, say (8) SYRACUSE   8d   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568530 Fly with zest, on the way up (4) GNAT   9d   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568531 Accordant with damages, taking on debt (10) HARMONIOUS   14d   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568532 Assault on S&L comes to nothing (9) ONSLAUGHT   16d   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568533 Most popular batter rested in dugout at last (9) TRENDIEST   17d   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568534 Guard primarily worships at church, with ascending divinity (8) WATCHDOG   18d   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568535 Lashes out in argument (6) HASSLE   20d   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568536 Gives a bad review to picture that's coming up (4) PANS   22d   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568537 Gore locked in little boy's room (5) SALON   24d   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568538 Opposed to being held in quarantine (4) ANTI   25d   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
574460 Cut Chicago ballplayer's training? (5) CUBED   1a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574461 Convertible has odd bar in instrument panel (9) DASHBOARD   4a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574462 Fabled creature: She controls men's fooling around (4,4,7) LOCHNESSMONSTER   9a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574463 Reciprocal statement admitting a bit of trickery with baseball stat (9) BILATERAL   10a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574464 Woman who seduces Sixty Minutes narrator (5) HOURI   11a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574465 Page American financier and clergyman (6) PASTOR   12a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574466 Someone who comes to earth with another kitchen implement? (8) COLANDER   13a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574467 Failure to mention old occupation (8) OMISSION   16a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574468 Arrogance centers around Rhode Island (6) HUBRIS   18a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574469 Remove top substituting pints for cups (5) EXPEL   21a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574470 Cynical Cajun died exercising (9) JAUNDICED   23a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574471 Powerful individual accommodates American doctor connected with parts of hospital drama (5,10) TITUSANDRONICUS   25a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574472 Took exception to insult and discharged editor (9) DISSENTED   26a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574473 Genteel Egyptian penning mournful poem (5) ELEGY   27a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574474 Notable piece of animation by English bishop (5) CELEB   1d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574475 Bends clasps (7) BUCKLES   2d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574476 Carry out country's acts of philanthropy (9) DONATIONS   3d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574477 Longing to commit patricide? (6) DESIRE   4d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574478 Mugged me in Oslo for one dollar (8) SIMOLEON   5d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574479 Gather together with former U.S. statesman in the audience (5) BUNCH   6d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574480 Piece of tile in a solid floor (7) ASTOUND   7d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574481 Heard songs about milk and cheese and buns? (9) DERRIERES   8d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574482 Insured copter Ted crashed (9) PROTECTED   12d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574483 The jerk is one trailing a roll of Bounty (9) ABUNDANCE   14d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574484 Opposed project accommodating North Carolina joint (8) CONJUNCT   15d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574485 Maybe I'm upset with reason (7) IMPETUS   17d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574486 In secrecy, cleverly adapt to new function (7) RECYCLE   19d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574487 Establish clear rank (6) PUTRID   20d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574488 Wool is leading stocking fabric (5) LISLE   22d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
574489 Dirty work outside of school (5) DUSTY   24d     cru-cryptics/Cryptic10.puz cru_cryptics
572386 Mufflers suppressing noise originally in hood assemblies (5) GANGS   1a   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572387 They push up front in public transportation rows (8) BUSTIERS   4a   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572388 Dodge: a Honda coupe without public relations (5) ELUDE   9a   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572389 Flat tire's onset follows split board pieces (9) APARTMENT   10a   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572390 Violinist played for automaker (8) CHRYSLER   11a   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572391 Car, after the first impression, is 'hot' (6) ARDENT   12a   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572392 Group hug (6) CLUTCH   14a   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572393 Charges air-conditioning expenses (7) ACCOSTS   16a   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572394 Tramp's travel gear (7) BAGGAGE   17a   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572395 Troublemaker wrecked Al's car (6) RASCAL   19a   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572396 Rough road by the sound of it (6) COARSE   22a   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572397 Redesigned a red sort of runabout (8) ROADSTER   23a   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572398 Whitewash for heartless oil company bumping energy cost (9) EXONERATE   26a   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572399 Chase car briefly (5) CHEVY   27a   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572400 Drives used cars recklessly (8) CRUSADES   28a   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572401 Interior of Corolla sedan gave off some light (5) LASED   29a   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572402 Country with a special kind of monkey we're told? (6) GREECE   1d   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572403 Renault's strange gear stick position (7) NEUTRAL   2d   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572404 Gets rid of stylish Edsel's components (5) SHEDS   3d   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572405 They help you stop BMW's front-end scratches by tools (5,5) BRAKESHOES   4d   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572406 Kid calls back for foreign auto (4) SAAB   5d   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572407 Communicates with another test car in a new way (9) INTERACTS   6d   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572408 Sends for help covering end of axle joints (7) REEFERS   7d   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572409 Chrysler produced trendy car lacking a touch of real class (6) STATUS   8d   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572410 Best car oil blended for small convertibles (10) CABRIOLETS   13d   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572411 Tarts seem crazy for truck drivers (9) TEAMSTERS   15d   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572412 Jumped Buick without independent sources of electrical discharge (6) BUCKED   17d   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572413 Grand Am, guzzling the ultimate in fuel, is parked next to our glitzy beauty (7) GLAMOUR   18d   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572414 Buggy rentals with horns (7) ANTLERS   20d   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572415 Bottom part of trailer supporting beam made a loud noise (6) BRAYED   21d   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572416 Beat-up windshield sticker perhaps (5) DECAL   24d   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
572417 Nascar driver reveals a funny personality (4) CARD   25d   "CAR TALK" *** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic100.puz cru_cryptics
573995 Computer type to be encrypted in nook (8) NOTEBOOK   8a   TSUJ! cru-cryptics/Cryptic101.puz cru_cryptics
573996 Huge trees in Bosnia destroyed? Just the opposite! (6) BONSAI   9a   TSUJ! cru-cryptics/Cryptic101.puz cru_cryptics
573997 Assumed later in artificial intelligence? Just the opposite! (1,6) APRIORI   11a   TSUJ! cru-cryptics/Cryptic101.puz cru_cryptics
573998 Leaders of prison uprising believe legal institutions should hastily perish? Just the opposite! (7) PUBLISH   12a   TSUJ! cru-cryptics/Cryptic101.puz cru_cryptics
573999 Heartless finks delivering tirades? Just the opposite! (4) RATS   13a   TSUJ! cru-cryptics/Cryptic101.puz cru_cryptics
574000 Sets ages in novel "Little Women?" Just the opposite! (10) GIANTESSES   14a   TSUJ! cru-cryptics/Cryptic101.puz cru_cryptics
574001 The title of this puzzle, much-abused herein (4,3,8) JUSTTHEOPPOSITE   16a   TSUJ! cru-cryptics/Cryptic101.puz cru_cryptics
574002 Ragged wound for one rodent eating large cat? Just the opposite! (10) LACERATION   19a   TSUJ! cru-cryptics/Cryptic101.puz cru_cryptics
574003 Leis strewn on Oahu, e.g. (4) ISLE   22a   TSUJ! cru-cryptics/Cryptic101.puz cru_cryptics