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1 row where answer = "CRYPTIC", clue contains "!" and source = "thehinducrosswordcorner" sorted by clue_number

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  • thehinducrosswordcorner · 1
Link rowid clue answer definition clue_number ▼ puzzle_date puzzle_name source_url source
514759 What it wouldn't be if the clue was just not straight! (7) CRYPTIC nan 20a 2014-08-27 No 11174, Wednesday 27 Aug 2014, Vulcan thehinducrosswordcorner

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CREATE TABLE "clues" (
    clue TEXT,
    answer TEXT,
    definition TEXT,
    clue_number TEXT,
    puzzle_date TEXT,
    puzzle_name TEXT,
    source_url TEXT NOT NULL,
    source TEXT
CREATE INDEX clues_source_index ON clues ("source");