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568300 Call on stranger, then elope (9) TELEPHONE   10a   Cru Cryptic **1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic59.puz cru_cryptics
568333 Burial chamber from Keen Point (5) CRYPT   10a   Cru Cryptic #153 * * cru-cryptics/Cryptic153.puz cru_cryptics
568349 Supremely clever stories, overlaid with humor (7) WILIEST   10a   Collaborative Cru Cryptic cru-cryptics/Cryptic169.puz cru_cryptics
568373 To pry into turn-around for aircraft support (9) NOSEWHEEL   10a   Cru Cryptic cru-cryptics/Cryptic223.puz cru_cryptics
568406 A sampling of Ms. Jong's great power (7) AMERICA   10a   Cryptic Crossword *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic123.puz cru_cryptics
568455 Leaders of South America running into a Spanish steam bath (5) SAUNA   10a   Cru Cryptic ** cru-cryptics/Cryptic4.puz cru_cryptics
568478 Rene left following signal to a weightlifter? (9) LIGHTENER   10a   Life's a Beach ** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic98.puz cru_cryptics
568511 Warned of related crackpot (7) ALERTED   10a   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic1.puz cru_cryptics
568540 Native American involved in drug problem exposed (5) OUTED   10a   CRU Cryptic cru-cryptics/Cryptic214.puz cru_cryptics
568572 Odd bits of Niacin and Sprite (5) NAIAD   10a   Cryptic Crossword *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic14.puz cru_cryptics
568603 Surrounded by ice, man among men shows inner presence (9) IMMANENCE   10a   ** with poetic license: the 7 theme clues are (5,7,5) cru-cryptics/Cryptic177.puz cru_cryptics
568676 Chop suey lovers: emphatically, all of ye (10) YOURSELVES   10a   Cru Cryptic **1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic84.puz cru_cryptics
568704 Goddess subsequently transported by American Airlines (6) ATHENA   10a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic88.puz cru_cryptics
568726 Crazy man grabs NY theater award? Literally, just the opposite! (7) ANTONYM   10a   Cru Cryptic ** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic188.puz cru_cryptics
568755 Early computer actor Michael returned (5) ENIAC   10a   Cru Cryptic #71 1.5* cru-cryptics/Cryptic71.puz cru_cryptics
568788 Mister, an eccentric towers over Istanbul (8) MINARETS   10a   Cryptic crossword **1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic111.puz cru_cryptics
568820 Forbidden tureen harbors biting thing that comes out at night (7) DENTURE   10a   Cryptic Crossword ** cru-cryptics/Cryptic63.puz cru_cryptics
568851 Confines for periods of time after onset of chickenpox (5) CAGES   10a   Cryptic Crossword * * * cru-cryptics/Cryptic6.puz cru_cryptics
568894 Ingredient of some cigarettes starts to make news, taking hours of litigation (7) MENTHOL   10a   One Too Few ***.5 (see Notepad) cru-cryptics/Cryptic160.puz cru_cryptics
568923 Mysterious obstetrician's remedy (7) OBSCURE   10a   Cryptic Crossword * cru-cryptics/Cryptic28.puz cru_cryptics
568951 Tear down and show a lack of respect for Mickey (9) DISMANTLE   10a   **1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic189.puz cru_cryptics
568985 A way of expressing oneself in remodeled citadel (7) DIALECT   10a   Two Star II cru-cryptics/Cryptic129.puz cru_cryptics
569017 Is next to a total bust (5) ABUTS   10a   Maybe ***? cru-cryptics/Cryptic140.puz cru_cryptics
569049 Discover the secret of rich, deep goulash (8) DECIPHER   10a   Cru Cryptic *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic155.puz cru_cryptics
569077 More than one moped "Jordan's got one basket in reserve" (9) MIIBKE   10a   Double-Crossers ***.5 (see Notepad if necessary) cru-cryptics/Cryptic139.puz cru_cryptics
569098 Dowdiest rear in Mexican party, almost (9) FRUMPIEST   10a   Cru Cryptic*** cru-cryptics/Cryptic116.puz cru_cryptics
569130 Bam! Rotated a degree (3) MBA   10a   Cru Cryptic *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic198.puz cru_cryptics
569169 Boundary requires a frenetic reorganization (9) INTERFACE   10a   Here's the latest *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic120.puz cru_cryptics
569201 Hole put in curtain by large cat (7) DRAPOEL   10a   They Went Thataway ***€ (see Notepad if necessary) cru-cryptics/Cryptic135.puz cru_cryptics
569234 Pale, like a chicken (5) ASHEN   10a   ** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic156.puz cru_cryptics
569262 Tie on close, intimate apparel (7) NIGHTIE   10a   Cru Cryptic ** cru-cryptics/Cryptic176.puz cru_cryptics
569292 Bee perhaps flying onto pillar (10) PLLINATOR   10a   One Too Many ***.5 (see Notepad if necessary) cru-cryptics/Cryptic157.puz cru_cryptics
569324 Take off from small runway (5) STRIP   10a   Cryptic Crossword * * * cru-cryptics/Cryptic43.puz cru_cryptics
569355 Shifting sand, e.g., is put down (8) ASSIGNED   10a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic227.puz cru_cryptics
569384 When Eve rued core? Not once! (5) NEVER   10a   Three Star cru-cryptics/Cryptic106.puz cru_cryptics
569415 Strip final item from list of candidates (4) SLAT   10a   Cru Cryptic ** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic30.puz cru_cryptics
569442 Wives' strange ideas (5) VIEWS   10a   CRU CRYPTIC #212 cru-cryptics/Cryptic212.puz cru_cryptics
569467 Story about a little boy -- save for later discussion (5) TABLE   10a   Cru Cryptic *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic174.puz cru_cryptics
569521 Wild buck in barn, you can ignore it for a while (4,6) BACKBURNER   10a   *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic181.puz cru_cryptics
569548 Saw guard (5) GNOME   10a   Cru Cryptic *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic49.puz cru_cryptics
569587 Tip of cue touches yellow ball (solid) (4) CONE   10a   cru cryptic 229 cru-cryptics/Cryptic229.puz cru_cryptics
569615 Something that thrives on a pet, taking away a vital force (3) CHI   10a   Crucivermin **** cru-cryptics/Cryptic74.puz cru_cryptics
569647 Creakiest, out-of-shape rink competitor (3,6) ICESKATER   10a   One Star II? cru-cryptics/Cryptic99.puz cru_cryptics
569678 Shakes Catholic milliners (8) CHATTERS   10a   Cru Cryptic *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic210.puz cru_cryptics
569707 Choice share divided by the Spanish (9) SELECTION   10a   Cryptic Crossword *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic31.puz cru_cryptics
569739 Notable wins back shirt boxing official (8) TRIUMPHS   10a   Cryptic Crossword * * * cru-cryptics/Cryptic12.puz cru_cryptics
569763 Starts jukebox uproar, momentarily pausing hop (4) JUMP   10a   Cryptic Crossword * * * cru-cryptics/Cryptic146.puz cru_cryptics
569792 High-carb food starts to provide a significant training advantage (5) PASTA   10a   Cru Cryptic #218 cru-cryptics/Cryptic218.puz cru_cryptics
569825 "Drip" splits prize with British Council (5) PRIVY   10a   Cru Cryptic *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic93.puz cru_cryptics
569913 Sit upon top-of-the-line bicycle? (8) BESTRIDE   10a   Cryptic Crossword ** cru-cryptics/Cryptic11.puz cru_cryptics
569937 Japanese drama about a Biblical patriarch (4) NOAH   10a   Cru Cryptic cru-cryptics/Cryptic230.puz cru_cryptics
569965 Artist's rendition of ostrich (7) CHRISTO   10a   CRU CRYPTIC *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic208.puz cru_cryptics
569997 Greek character now collecting stamps (9) PHILATELY   10a   Cru Cryptic *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic127.puz cru_cryptics
570073 Nimble Helios met anew (9) LITHESOME   10a   Cryptic Crossword *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic19.puz cru_cryptics
570107 Attacking from behind going downhill (9) ASSAILING   10a   Cru Cryptic * * * cru-cryptics/Cryptic108.puz cru_cryptics
570137 Hurt and anger about Italian union (8) MARRIAGE   10a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic192.puz cru_cryptics
570164 Migrate to swing and Joplin tunes (7) RAGTIME   10a   NYT Forum Cru Cryptic cru-cryptics/Cryptic42.puz cru_cryptics
570191 Church council regulation sounds like a big gun (5) CANON   10a   Two Star cru-cryptics/Cryptic113.puz cru_cryptics
570222 Pull commercial from radio for South American hot spot (3) RIO   10a   Winter Interrupted cru-cryptics/Cryptic216.puz cru_cryptics
570289 Plant-based compound sprinkled on cigar (7) ORGANIC   10a   Cru Collaboration ** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic194.puz cru_cryptics
570315 Migrating bass: known winter traveling hazard (9) SNOWBANKS   10a   Cryptic Crossword **1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic77.puz cru_cryptics
570347 Southern duo, caught in act, gave up hope (9) DESPAIRED   10a   Can you locate the road not taken?** cru-cryptics/Cryptic163.puz cru_cryptics
570380 Noble lady even spies earl, eh, sis? (7) PEERESS   10a   Cryptic crossword *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic102.puz cru_cryptics
570417 Use tapioca skin with bean (3, 4) TAPINTO   10a   Cru Cryptic ?? cru-cryptics/Cryptic78.puz cru_cryptics
570447 Girl at the mall dressing up: rocks help (4,5) SHOPCLERK   10a   Cru Collaboration II cru-cryptics/Cryptic202.puz cru_cryptics
570480 Ridiculously bid more for chestnut (7) BROMIDE   10a   Cru Cryptic ** 1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic138.puz cru_cryptics
570516 Jason's boat is short gas (4) ARGO   10a   Cryptic Crossword * * * cru-cryptics/Cryptic3.puz cru_cryptics
570538 Steal ring, then twitch like a mechanical man (7) ROBOTIC   10a   Cru Cryptic *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic171.puz cru_cryptics
570568 Lord and a ring exist in a place where a ring might be found (7) EARLOBE   10a   *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic187.puz cru_cryptics
570600 Give back wares to retailer's layaway? (7) RESTORE   10a   Easy-ish cru-cryptics/Cryptic110.puz cru_cryptics
570631 Odd how ER pal's a blade (9) PLOWSHARE   10a   Cryptic Crossword *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic5.puz cru_cryptics
570664 Skinflint is one who drops the ball eliminating ultimate loss (5) MISER   10a   *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic184.puz cru_cryptics
570693 Before holding of recount, I litigated (5) UNTIL   10a   CRU Cryptic *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic209.puz cru_cryptics
570725 Those passing the first round see getting D's (5) SEEDS   10a   It's mostly academic **1/2 cru-cryptics/Cryptic159.puz cru_cryptics
570755 Beginning to send poor around north and south for support (7) SPONSOR   10a   One Star? cru-cryptics/Cryptic92.puz cru_cryptics
570786 Built exotic deer, etc. (7) ERECTED   10a   EASY cru-cryptics/Cryptic81.puz cru_cryptics
570817 At hand no competent help (5) AVAIL   10a   Cru Cryptic *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic32.puz cru_cryptics
570848 Control, coerce, and strengthen (9) REINFORCE   10a   *** Cru Debut? cru-cryptics/Cryptic90.puz cru_cryptics
570880 Airborne without a trace of fear, reclining in plane (5) LYING   10a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic18.puz cru_cryptics
570911 No males will give warning (4) OMEN   10a   Clueless? Just the opposite! ** cru-cryptics/Cryptic166.puz cru_cryptics
570942 One drunken referee returns to outskirts of zone of manure (9) FERTILIZE   10a   Cryptic Crossword *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic40.puz cru_cryptics
570971 Without fail, pats down for hazards (5) RISKS   10a   CRU CRYPTIC cru-cryptics/Cryptic222.puz cru_cryptics
571002 Music kept playing a line from "Bandits" (5,2,2) STICKEMUP   10a   Bite Me **+ (see notepad for hint) cru-cryptics/Cryptic186.puz cru_cryptics
571034 Free time is symbol of Hawaii, certainly (7) LEISURE   10a   One-Star III cru-cryptics/Cryptic119.puz cru_cryptics
571066 Female relative's covering Maureen's costs? (7) AMOUNTS   10a   What's in a Name? ***€ cru-cryptics/Cryptic9.puz cru_cryptics
571135 Unprepared, a little gerbil darted the wrong way (2-3) ADLIB   10a   Cru Cryptic #199 ** cru-cryptics/Cryptic199.puz cru_cryptics
571167 Globe's automobile award (5) OSCAR   10a   Cryptic Crossword * cru-cryptics/Cryptic21.puz cru_cryptics
571197 Each time, I lost message for Alice (3,2) EATME   10a   Cru Cryptic *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic76.puz cru_cryptics
571239 Common people loved Arbuckle's zany antics -- initially (5) PLAZA   10a   Cru Cryptic ** cru-cryptics/Cryptic57.puz cru_cryptics
571270 Skier's heart rivals climbers (5) IVIES   10a   Cryptic Crossword ** cru-cryptics/Cryptic154.puz cru_cryptics
571303 Mere con playing tennis champ (7) MCENROE   10a   Cru Cryptic 3 1/2 * cru-cryptics/Cryptic179.puz cru_cryptics
571330 Torre managed in an old-fashioned way (5) RETRO   10a   One-Star IV cru-cryptics/Cryptic143.puz cru_cryptics
571362 A claret, a rum, not part of the dinner price (1,2,5) ALACARTE   10a   cru cryptic cru-cryptics/Cryptic228.puz cru_cryptics
571391 Don Ameche's last letter is finished (4) DONE   10a   Cryptic Crossword * cru-cryptics/Cryptic17.puz cru_cryptics
571412 A cut back in brightly colored southern pastries (9) NAPOLEONS   10a     cru-cryptics/Cryptic25.puz cru_cryptics
571445 Making things just after work, maybe (7) EVENING   10a   Cru Cryptic ** cru-cryptics/Cryptic58.puz cru_cryptics
571476 Warrior and Republican in fantastic legend (7) GRENDEL   10a   Cru Cryptic: *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic48.puz cru_cryptics
571509 King Lear's daughter bathed in oranges and spice (7) OREGANO   10a   CRYPTIC CROSSWORD *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic15.puz cru_cryptics
571541 Mark ate cut up bananas with a dash of nutmeg (9) PUNCTUATE   10a   Cru Puzzle *** cru-cryptics/Cryptic35.puz cru_cryptics
571582 Top of sports car the French painted on time is deep red (7) SCARLET   10a   Cryptic Crossword cru-cryptics/Cryptic26.puz cru_cryptics

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